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If you wonder why your feet are pain full or hurt we have real answers.

1.   There are several inherited or genic factors that cannot be changed; however create a good environment (  if you have someone to guide you into the correct footwear and support ) that is critical. Almost everyone that has problems and there are about 23 different problems “all would be better if we wore correctly fitting supportive shoes”. Trying to explain all the different issues is impossible, size is only a small part of why it is so complicated. A while back I had a client that purchased 3 different shoes all of them fit great, but the sizes were 10.5, 12 and a 13. I will admit that it is rare to have that much difference in size, of course they can also require different widths as well. Actual differences in shoes include Style, Shape “meaning last”, Depth, Sole, Upper, Width, Structure and Support.

2.   The second factor that is very important to how your feet feel is what your activities do, including workplace (how much of your work day do you stand or walk) athletic activities (walking running competitive sports including professional). Many problems can be created from inadequate footwear.  Here is a short list of the most popular: Plantar Fasciitis, Turf Toe, Pronation (Flat Feet), Supination, Spurs, Morton Syndrome and Metatarsal Pain (the ball of your feet hurting).

3.   Solutions are quite simple.  The open-minded person can understand the complexity of the problem and dedicated to making the right choices. If you are a woman that fashion is important, please understand when possible wear basic supportive footwear to protect your fashion future. I have an 85% 15% rule. Wear good fitting functional footwear 85% the look shoes 15%. Over the years most shoes are promoted by price and style, that is what I believe leads to disaster for feet today. The most important factor is fit and comfort, remember your feet! You only get 1 pair.

Do your feet a favor and visit Jensen Comfort Shoes.

We have been in business since 1965.  We enjoy improving lives through foot comfort and hope to see you soon….

Arthritis and Shoes Print E-mail
Footwear and support are very important to everyone, however for anyone with arthritis, shoes have a greater importance.

Footwear and support are very important to everyone. However for anyone with Arthritis, shoes have an even greater importance.

1. Some Arthritis causes joints to swell and become distorted, which means that it is absolutely key to have a professional specialist help you with the correct selection and fit in footwear.

2. Arthritis in the ankles, knees, hips and lower back, are affected by the alignment of the feet. Foot alignment is so essential to your well being. Jensen Shoes pedorthists understand those needs and create custom molded orthotics to accommodate the bio mechanical needs of your body.

3. Two helpful suggestions are A.) reducing sugar consumption, and B.) walking will strengthen cartilage (which protects the ends of bones in joints)

4. Should you have an interest in a natural product from an outstanding preventive health company, go to and search for "healthy aging" and "natural cellular defense".

These products all have a 30 day money back guarantee (less shipping charges).

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