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Proper Fitting Shoes and Custom Shoe Inserts provide Foot Pain Relief and Improved Foot Health Print E-mail

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Visit Jensen Shoes and you will understand why we have satisfied clients all over the world. Jensen shoes has everything you need for almost any foot issue, plus all Orthotics and Fabrication are custom made for you, on site.
Visit Jensen Shoes for all your footwear needs.


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Below are the audio transcripts that you can read along as Mr. Jensen reads aloud.




Jack Jensen


Foot Health Transcript:

Hello I am Jack Jensen Board Certified Pedorthist and Founder of Jensen Shoes. I have
almost 50 yrs of experience working with shoes, feet and the problems that developed
because of usage of incorrect footwear, meaning style, fit, support, control or other
challenges. To eliminate the problems, simply place the choice of exact footwear and
the necessary modifications in the hands of the professional at Jensen shoes.
Remember all feet are different, your left and right feet never match. When feet
pronate, which most people call flat feet, always have different support needs.
Jensen shoes pedorthists are dedicated to your individual needs, we are looking for
people with the wisdom that realize the environment your feet have, will be very
important to the quality of your life.

Many people purchase shoes by size and width, I find that all shoes fit different,
because of several factors:

  1. is the last or form the shoe was made from
  2. the pattern that makes the style of the shoe
  3. the upper that the shoe has
  4. the pitch and angle the shoe has
  5. the shoe sole and its stability and the list goes on...

The footwear and support, if chosen correctly, will improve your ability to ambulate,
stand on your feet, exercise and in most cases improve knee, hip and/or back
discomfort. Many of our clients have told us: “I have a closet full of shoes that all
hurt my feet, now after coming to Jensen shoes and getting correctly fitted shoes and
custom inserts/orthotics, I have saved money and my body and energy is improved.”

Imagine your car or truck with bad tires, unbalanced and the front end out of alignment.
What would the results be? Just apply that thinking to your feet and body.
Wow, how simple. The following list is just some of the foot problems that we see almost
daily: Plantar Fasciitis, spurs, diabetic feet, metarsalgia which is discomfort on the
balls of your feet, hammer toes, pronation, leg length difference, bunions, ridgid Hallux
or as some people call it, turf toe, and the list goes on.

So when you are having problems in the areas mentioned, call and make an appointment for
a free foot evaluation, you will be glad you did. We believe in the natural approach
towards health and life, whether it is foot health or overall health. Our goal is to improve
the quality of life one person at a time. If you desire to improve your health, check out
the testimonies and other information available on this site.

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Health and Longevity Transcript:

Hello, I am Jack Jensen Board Certified Pedorthist and Founder of Jensen Shoes
about 15 years ago I became interested in health, longevity and higher quality
of life. I found an interesting parallel between foot health and overall health,
lets make a comparison between a very good feet to feet that are flexible,
difficult shaped, very little strength in arches and etc. Many people take their
feet for granted, not realizing they need correct footwear. When you put feet in
correctly chosen footwear with excellent support and control the results with all
feet will be very improved. Health is similar we all have family histories which
make us different, but with understanding, knowledge and determination everyone
can improve their medical outcome. I believe everyone can improve their overall
health, the first thing is that everyone needs to understand good health starts,
with a good mental approach towards health. It is imperative to understand that
health does have some predisposition, which is family tied, but having said that
I believe we all can improve our health outcome, just like that two different
types feet, both had excellent results with correct support and footwear.
For those that desire to improve health, lets look at the main areas that you
need to focus on:


  1. It is important that you have a positive attitude, with dedication and daily compliance to improve your health.
  2. Hydrate (drink at least ½ ounce of purified water per body pound daily).
  3. Exercise at least 5 times weekly, if you walk do it for 30 to 40 minutes.
  4. Good fiber is critical the average American gets 8 to 12 grams of fiber daily, the health envelope is 30
    to 35 grams in the 90s a study was done that proved Cancer and heart disease
    would be reduced by over 40% with 30 to 35 grams of fiber daily.
  5. Supplementation is critical today, the food we eat is lacking in many areas which are essential
    minerals, vitamins, herbs, fruits, and oils.
  6. Remove the Toxins from your body, Dr. Rasheed Butar states every insidious disease has one common bond Toxicity.

Today we have many illness problems that are tied closely to Toxins, some examples
could be Arthritis, fibromyalgia, polymyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and many
others. Everyone that has an interest in improved health and educating others
please fill out your information and we will give you additional propitory details.
My goal is to improve health one person at a time, hope you can see my vision and
join the team, we will help people and have fun, plus improve our financial future.

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to help you walk into a healthy, wealthy life style through mind, body and spirit.


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