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Relief for flat feet!

The Number 1 Problem with Feet

Controlling Pronation

(what many call flat feet)

Even though many people feel they have “flat feet”, they actually have pronating feet. I believe 85% of people have this problem. Your arch is actually the shock absorber for your body, so some of the pronation, as long as it’s slight, is actually a positive factor. One of the major problems with pronation is when the aging factor or the working environment cause the feet to roll considerably medially and laterally at the same time. This creates major problems in your body’s biomechanics. Take a look at your existing footwear and you will actually see what is happening and you will start to understand how it is affecting you. When you pick up one of your shoes, that have been considerably worn, look at the total shape and compare it with a completely new shoe. I have also seen many children with extreme issues of pronation and they will improve, provided they use the correct support and follow through.

Jensen Shoes Answer for Pronation

To improve the pronation problem we have unique orthotics that are soft but strong. At Jensen Shoes, we believe alignment plus softness is very important (so the arch can work). Also, control on both the medial and lateral aspect of the foot is critical. The very important factors are that the shoes must be adequate to accept the orthotics and have the structural qualities so the orthotics and the shoes can work as a team. Remember, there are so many different problems and degree of problems caused by pronation, that I cannot describe them all in this short article. The younger we start working with the challenging feet, the better results we get.

Jensen Shoes offers a free foot evaluation.

We will demonstrate how the correct support and

footwear will improve quality of life.

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